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Monday, January 30, 2006

180solutions makes it up as they go along

One of my early and most controversial Blog entry's discussed a lawsuit against Zone Labs Inc by 180solutions for mislabeling their applications. Today, 180solutions announced they were dropping their law suit. According to 180solutions press release, they dropped the lawsuit because “Zone Alarm’s action to download classification of 1800solutions’ S3–enabled search assistant software”.  What makes this fun is Zone Labs issued their own press release that says “No changes were made to ZoneAlarm’s software…”.  I wonder who we should trust?

This action follows yesterday’s press release by 180solutions claiming it was working to “stop a suspect in a Middle Eastern country from further distribution of 180solutions search assistant software”.  The announcement yesterday was conveniently timed to diffuse last weeks charges made by the Center for Democracy & Technology(CDT). The timing was interesting since 180solutions was notified by Facetime on January 6th and at that time, 180solution said they would be shutting down this Middle East affiliate.

Our friend PaperGhost has summed it up well with a post today at his Blog. For an animated description that explains it all, click on the link that says “Here’s my conclusion.”


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