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Friday, March 31, 2006

You Read It Here First

I decided recently that I wasn’t going to try to be the first to report breaking news in this Blog. While it’s very exciting to be the first but I’m not sure Blogs were ever meant to the source of breaking news. As a new comer to the Blogsphere it’s taken me 6 months to realize Blogs are great for commentary and entertainment but should not always be the best source of new bulletins. Subscribing to a news alert service is a far better choice if you want to be the first to know. Blogs should contain well researched and well thought out information.

I guess I’m heading in the right direction. One of the best known Bloggers, Robert Scoble recently admitted he was human and made mistakes in recent log postings. Scobleizer kinda lost it after all the Blogs,(including this one),  linked to a story about Microsoft re-writing most of its WindowsXP. While Microsoft may not be re-writing 60% of its code things aren’t rosy in Redmond and Scoble won’t be able to fix things by himself.

Another good example is the author of “Ramblings of a Computer Guru”.  The Guru reported on the new Anti-Phishing initiative by Sunbelt Software and called PIRT.  He questioned PIRT’s motives, legality and methodology. After actually finding out what PIRT’s methods were he took back his previous post and now says PIRT is Wonderful!.

Anyone who knows the folks behind PIRT knows there’s an excellent chance this effort will make a difference. Paul Laudanski put it best when he commented…

“Unlike other companies that are paid to take down phish for clients, we do it for free for everyone because we're all one big family on the Net.  I don't want to see my mom fall prey to phish just like the next guy, so we're all professionals working with teams around the world with the same cause: terminating phish.  Why?  Its our passion, to do the right thing.”

If you think you have passion and would like to volunteer, get more information at  Fry your Phish at

What is Phishing?   Click Here

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