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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Microsoft Security Update Problems

For the majority of users last weeks multiple Windows update went well.  Of course, as predicted a few people experienced some kind of problem but the world didn’t end.  One updated a file, “Verclsid.exe” appears to cause a conflict with some HP printers, scanners and cameras.  Microsoft has not officially responded but a number of solutions were suggested Thursday on the TechNet help site.  Click Here for more info.

The most noticeable change by this recent update is due to the non-security update which affects how ActiveX controls are integrated on some web pages.  Microsoft recently lost a patent dispute with Eolas Technologies Inc. related to how ActiveX controls are launched.  Instead of settling and paying a fee to Eolas, Microsoft reworked Internet Explorer and forced this change on users as part of the recent security update.

You will find an extra click is needed on some web pages before you can view content. I found a good example with a link mentioned recently by Alex Eckelberry in the SunbeltBLOG
Click Here and you’ll notice a new dialog that wasn’t required before the most recent update.

New ActiveX Alert

I’ve also seen some other web pages that look a little funky and  require you to click on the yellow bar along the top of the browser before the content is displayed correctly. If you’re a web developer and you’ve noticed problems you should check out

Click for Update from Microsoft 4/16

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