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Friday, April 21, 2006

Tuesday Security Update Recommended

Microsoft Security Center has posted an update to problems related to last weeks security update which caused problems on some machines. A number of people suffered failures due to update problems including PC Worlds Steve Bass. Steve wrote on April 19th, “Microsoft’s Latest Patch Zaps My Wife’s PC”.

Up until now the solutions suggested by Microsoft included:

Upgrade to the newest version of the affected software, a manual registry key fix, uninstall the third party software (NVIDIA Drivers versions 61.94 and prior or the Hewlett Packard Share-to-web software) or uninstall the update.  All of these require the user to take some sort of action. 

Microsoft has re-engineered their update and on Tuesday, April 25th a new patch will be re-released.  At this time, based on the information I’ve received from Microsoft I do recommend accepting this update. The risk of not being patched for bulletin MS06–015 has continued to rise. The risk of infiltration has exceeded any potential dangers from Microsoft updates.

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