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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Welcome to the End of the Computer Age

Forget Digital Right Management  or Microsoft’s AntiPiracy campaign.  What we need is to bring back the  Software Publishers Association’s(now SIIA)Don’t Copy That Floppy” campaign which predicted the “End of the Computer Age” if you copied that floppy.  This was the software’s industry equivalent to Nancy Reagan's “Just Say No” campaign.

One of the Blogs I read regularly and recommend is Steve Bass’s Tips & Tweaks.  Not only does Steve have a knack of sharing great computing tips but he’s also a pro at finding hilarious videos on the net.  On Monday, he gave readers a link to “Don’t Copy That Floppy”.

It starts slow, but is very entertaining.  Ironically, the programmers interviewed in this fun piece were from a company that distributed more software for free than anyone other in history.  They’ve all retired now, but at one time or another, my office was next to each of them at a company known as America Online.

Groove to the video on Google,  click here or the wmv version click here.

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