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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Popular Computer Problems

Most people don’t realize what kind of information is available automatically to all websites they visit, including Blogs like this one. No personal information is provided but your IP address, browser and a bunch of other technical data is automatically provided to web servers.  My favorite is called the Referrer or the web page you clicked on to get here.

So if you’ve arrived here by searching Google or MSN I don’t know who you are, but I can tell what search words you typed to get here. People who find Bits from Bill using search engines are typically looking for help and/or answers to computer problems.  Some topics remain popular.

  • How do I remove Moviemaker”

  • I wrote about this topic April 3rd and there appears to be plenty of people wanting to remove this program included free with Windows XP.  In my own, case I’d like to reinstall it so it works correctly but Microsoft treats this program special and won’t let this happen.

  • What is WarnHP.html

  • April 22nd I wrote about how malware was breaking  the display properties by setting systems to web based desktops and replacing the desktop with a page called warnhp.html. Judging by the visitors we get this is still a big problem.  The newest version of WinPatrol now monitors this location in the registry.

  • Dell Digital Content Portal

  • Way back in December I wrote about all the crap Dell was installing on their systems.  The post I called “Christmas Computers” remains a popular one.  The programs installed  has changed but Dell continues to give users a good reason to download WinPatrol and/or programs like the Dell De-crapifier I heard about from our friend Donna.

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