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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

AOL Doesn't Understand No Thanks!

I suspect most of you don’t care much about AOL stuff but I be one of the few sources of information left who actually uses AOL on a daily basis. I’ve had my BillP screen name for 20 years and thought I’d have it for life.  I’m starting to have my doubts as AOL continues to annoy me.

AOL wants to force DSL down my throat.
This dialog now appears regularly when I sign on.
On other days, I receive the window below which I cropped to fit here.
Every day I say “NO THANKS!”.

You'd think AOL knew I was already using Broadband.

Certainly, AOL can tell I’m already connecting using “True Broadband”, and should be able to remember I said “No thanks”.
Ironically, I use Time Warner’s Road Runner service for my broadband connection to the internet and AOL. 

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