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Monday, December 18, 2006

What I Missed While on Vacation

I’m back from vacation and have to admit I feel extremely rested. I will miss paradise but as soon as my brain is back on EST I’ll be better than ever.

Driving to Christina's House with Robin and Cindi

Apparently the world of malware has been ramping up for the holidays.  Sunbelt’s Blog has multiple reports of Rogue antispyware applications including new variants of Spyaxe, SpywareSheriff and Gromozon.

Microsoft has also been releasing their share of updates. On Tuesday, December 12th Microsoft released three “Critical” and four “Important” updates. ( Click here for info ) They also made available the first performance update for Internet Explorer 7 with little fanfare.  According to Microsoft, “The computer may respond very slowly as the Phishing Filter evaluates Web page contents in Internet Explorer 7

A lot of my time this week will be digesting an indepth review of Windows Vista published by Paul Thurrott. I’m in no rush to upgrade to Vista but as a software developer I don’t have any choice. I need to make sure we’re 100% compatible with all versions.

“The sheer size and scope of Windows Vista makes it difficult to review, to digest, and to understand. If you step back too far, it doesn't look very impressive at all: It's like XP with a spit-shine. But if you get too close, it's easy to get lost in the seemingly never-ending lists of new features.”

Paul’s evaluation is far more than a review and could easily be called “Everything you wanted to know about Windows Vista, but didn’t really care enough to ask

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Blogger Corrine said...

Welcome home.

You seem to have brought the cold back with you. It had been relatively mild for December in this part of the country and only nominal snow.

6:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its been two months since you talked about IE7. What is your
opinion on it now? Do you still
not use it on your own personal machines or do you have a different
view of it?
Has the percentage of users of IE7
increased since your last count?

12:56 AM  

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