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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Internet Explorer 7 is #1

Since Internet Explorer 7 was first release I’ve been watching my Blog statistics to see how quickly Microsoft’s new browser had been accepted. I first reported on the increased usage in October when IE7 was being installed as part of a scheduled Windows update.

Today the percentage of IE7 users reading Bits from Bill hit 31.67% exceeding other browsers including all previous versions of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. 

Browser usage today on Bits from Bill

I don’t know how these numbers are reflected on other sites but apparently IE7 is now the most popular browser used by my readers.  It’s pretty amazing considering I have recommended that users don’t upgrade at this time.  

I also noticed the total percentage of Firefox usage has gone up from 27.5% to 32% since October 25th when I started to keep track.  Total percentage of IE usage has gone down 3% points during the same period.



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Blogger jsealpha1 said...

Personally, I have felt that IE 7 was nothing but a Firefox knock off because they are trying to copy so many of FF2's features. I also feel that they fall FAR short. One of the MAJOR problems (for me) is in the area of extensions. Microsoft is now offering them, but where FF's extensions are free, Microsoft is charging for most of theirs. And Microsoft's extensions are no where near as good. I have had no trouble with IE 7, but I STRONGLY prefer to use FF2. IMO, it's just a better browser all around. Microsoft is trying, but they are not there yet.

4:13 PM  

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