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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Internet Explorer 7 is #1

Since Internet Explorer 7 was first release I’ve been watching my Blog statistics to see how quickly Microsoft’s new browser had been accepted. I first reported on the increased usage in October when IE7 was being installed as part of a scheduled Windows update.

Today the percentage of IE7 users reading Bits from Bill hit 31.67% exceeding other browsers including all previous versions of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. 

Browser usage today on Bits from Bill

I don’t know how these numbers are reflected on other sites but apparently IE7 is now the most popular browser used by my readers.  It’s pretty amazing considering I have recommended that users don’t upgrade at this time.  

I also noticed the total percentage of Firefox usage has gone up from 27.5% to 32% since October 25th when I started to keep track.  Total percentage of IE usage has gone down 3% points during the same period.



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