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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year (insert name)

The latest spam I’ve experienced this weekend all seemed to start with Happy New Year and someones name or just Happy NW (random name).  In some cases, the sender wants me to purchase stock in something called Physicians Adult Daycare(PHYA). In other cases, it’s a link to something far more dangerous.  It appears that malware authors have been planning special treats for us to help them celebrate a brand new year.

As always I advise you resist the tempation to open Email greetings from people you don’t know, even if the name is the same as some long lost friend.  If someone sends you a greeting card,  don’t fall for it.  Even if it’s someone you recognize, confirm with them first before opening up any animated greetings from unknown websites.  If you see an attachment named “ or postcard.exe” you can be sure it’s some kind of trojan waiting to infiltrate your system.

I won’t be sending out animated greeting cards or Happy New Years Emails so I’ll take this time to wish you all a Happy, Safe, Productive and Peaceful New Year!





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