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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Updates on Tuesday, Not so much

I actually have great things to say about Microsoft today.  They made a decision on Friday to pull some of the security updates that they had previously announced would occur on Tuesday, January 9th. 

Originally, Microsoft announced that this Tuesdays automatic update would include eight security updates including three Critical updates for Microsoft Windows, one Important update for Windows and Microsoft Visual Studio, one Important update for Windows and Microsoft Office and three Critical updates for Microsoft Office.

After some testing of the updates raised concerns the new scheduled update will include only four security patches.  Three Critical fixes for Office and one of the Critical fixes for Windows.

No official explanation was given by Redmond officials but one of my sources at Microsoft just plainly admitted potential conflicts in the four patches were found and a delay was necessary.  (His/Her) exact words were, “The cure was worse than the disease” along with a hint about broken media players.

If you’ve read my past articles on software updates you know I feel strongly that system updates of this magnitude are nearly impossible to test. I’m pleased to see the Microsoft is continuing to improve their testing methodology and they’re not afraid to pull a potentially flawed release.

Even with the positive signs of increased testing I still continue to recommend holding off a while before installing any updates.  Unless your online habits are risky, there are enough other guinea pigs out there.


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