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Monday, April 30, 2007

Security Software Competition Heats Up

I wrote recently about the AntiSpyware competition getting nasty but I can also tell you the competition in our industry in general is really starting to heat up. Customer dissatisfaction with the top industry leaders, Symantec and McAfee has left openings for others to gain market share.

Number three Trend Micro recently saw the value of the popular HiJackThis and acquired the free software utility. The resulting attention has more people talking about Trend Micro and checking out their newest products.

Now, number four Panda Software has been gobbled up by a venture capital firm based in Europe. European Capital Partners has a number of internet products and a strong presence in Spain, France and England. The addition of Panda Software rounds out their online technology and media partners. I expect EUCAP will expand their market into more countries and begin to increase the visibility of Panda  Software solutions.

Panda Software
I’ve always said that people love cute animal logos. Smile and the whole world smiles with you.

Here at home, GRISOFT maker of the AVG Internet Security picked up some new technology with the acquisition of Ewido networks. According to GRISOFT CTO, Karel Obluk, “The acquisition of Ewido Networks is the first step in fulfilling our vision of easy to use comprehensive protection against all kinds of cyber threats,"

ewdo networks a member of the grisoft group

My guess is, this is only the beginning.  Before the year is up there will be some big winners and losers especially as Microsoft tries to convince users they have all the security you’ll ever need.

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Blogger Gordon Bennet said...

Dear Bill,
Aside, of course, from WinPatrol, are you able to offer any advice for the novice on which security software to purchase?
PS Always enjoy reading your blogs.

6:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill: Panda is really trying hard to get their name out there. On occasion I have used Active Scan their online AV scan, they required an email address. Not thinking about it I have on occasion used a few different addresses.

Starting a few months back I started to receive at least 1 email EVERY day from Panda hawking one thing or another. Unfortunately to more than one email address.

Guess I will have to open them and see if they have a remove me from their mailing list option.

7:36 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...


Thank you for stopping by to read my latest bits. I would never tell anyone just to use WinPatrol or any other single solution.

Security software recommendations really depends on who uses the computer and what kind of things you might tend to do.

For instance, if you have a teen in the house or are tempted to visit naked photos online, I recommend using some serious multilayer security. Even if it slows down your performance it might be needed.

If you're someone who knows what Email not to open and you're the only one using the computer I would still recommend a good firewall, and a browser add-on that rates web sites so hopefully you'll get some kind of warning if you end up somewhere you shouldn't be.

I still use Site Adviser which is probably the best known today but Trend Micro just announced a new product and XPL has something called LinkScanner Pro.
Some of the Blogs that I read have been examining which might be better so I expect to see more competition in this area.

I try not to recommend any product in particular because I currently get along with many of the folks in the security market and hope I can keep it that way.

I strongly recommend any product you use comes from a company who has a physical address you can confirm. Don't just download something you see as an ad online, not matter how good it sounds.


9:56 PM  

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