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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Harry McCracken Is Having a Good Day

I’ve been blogging about PC World’s VP Editor-in-Chief, Harry McCracken so for those following this story there’s good news. Journalistic integrity has won out and the folks at IDG have recognized how important Harry McCracken is to their PC World magazine.

Harry McCracken is just an ordinary guy.
Life goes on for Harry McCracken at PC World.

For more details on this story check out the following links…

PC World: Editor in Chief Harry McCracken Returns to PCW

“Crawford said, "It's excellent news that Harry has decided to stay on at PC World as the editorial leader. I am excited to move back to a corporate role at IDG as EVP Online, where I can focus on various online opportunities for IDG, both in the U.S. and on a global basis.?

Wired: PC World Editor Assured of Autonomy

"I made a bigger statement by leaving than I thought I was making," McCracken told me, "and now I'm making an even bigger statement in coming back because I'm 100 percent confident that PC World will continue to be a place where editors decide how to serve the people who use their content. I would never have come back unless I was completely confident of that."

CNet: PC World editor returns as IDG exec reassigned

Preferring to move past the details of what exactly happened between him and Crawford, McCracken thanked Bob Carrigan, president of IDG Communications, and Pat McGovern, IDG founder and chairman, for their support over the past few days.

"It became a far larger statement about editorial independence than I thought," he said, referring to his decision to resign last week. "This is an unusual moment for journalists in a good way."

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