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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

London Olympic Animation Causes Seizures

My wife always makes fun of me when I talk or yell back to the TV and she had a lot of material this morning. The Today Show reported on a new animation used for the London 2012 Olympics that was removed because it could cause Epileptic seizures. Despite this, some idiots at NBC repeatedly played the animation so everyone, including folks with Epilepsy, could see what they were talking about.

London 2012 Logo
London 2012

Anyone who has been in the computer game or video industry for any length of time knows about photosensitive epilepsy. About 5% of Epileptics are affected by flickering or flashing lights at certain frequencies. While the animation had been pulled, the new logo which was unveiled on Monday has been the subject of severe criticism. Olympic organizers have said the graffiti style logo was create to attract more young people.

In case you’re interested I have posted a copy of the animation here but unlike Today Show viewers, it’s your choice to view it. Consider yourself warned.
Warning * Clink here to see Animation * Warning

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a shambles in many ways and at this point,(someone who loves sports,) I am ashamed the way this brand has turned out in looks and the way it's been a health scare.

We get the olympics, the biggest event known on earth, and we come up with something that looks from the 70/80's. A program called Tiswas rings a bell. Google it.

£400,000 spent on something that sucks and causes fits. Great advert for the UK/London.

...Errrr rant over :)

11:44 AM  

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