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Sunday, September 23, 2007

New WinPatrol PLUS Data Collection

Over the years we’ve been adding to our PLUS database and currently have over 16,500 files online available to our PLUS members. Unlike other program lists online we’ve tried hard to create descriptions that can be understood  by every level of user.  We also try to include program tips and links to other information including known error reports and how to update to the newest version.

Programs have been added to the database based on the frequency of requests, their level of danger and customer requests. We keep a count of unique filenames to help prioritize their popularity. Our current method works well but occasionally several descriptions are required when multiple programs use the same filename. Instead of reading long descriptions and forcing users to make a decision, we’ll be increasing the precision of our PLUS Info results.

To accomplish this, our new version (12.1.2007.5) will be collecting more data on requested programs. This is strictly information on the file and not the user. Typical data sent will incude version, company name, install path, file date, file size and date detected. The results will be better detection of rootkits and other more devious attacks. It will also help detect outdated system files which may create unstable versions of Windows. (Something which has caused me grief recently)

This will be an “Opt-in” decision for both free and PLUS WinPatrol users. By default, this option will be off. By checking the option users give permission for their data to be used to improve our results. New PLUS data option


Users can participate or not by downloading our newest version at


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