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Friday, September 26, 2008

Vote2008 WinPatrol Discount Coupon

This is a historic week in our country and while I’m trying to stop watching the news it’s like a train wreak. I just can’t turn away as the trains keep plowing into the current mess.

I’m not an expert on economics or politics so I try to only write about what I know.  Knowing that I have a reasonable audience it’s hard not to inject my political opinion into what I write about. 
While I have been successful recently in getting help from our friends at Dell(thanks Catherine), I doubt anyone in Congress will care what I say.

What I can do is provide some economic assistance to folks who’d like to upgrade WinPatrol. So, I’m suspending my faith in the folks in Washington and offering a $10 discount on the purchase of WinPatrol PLUS.  This offer is good until a reasonable agreement is reached to prevent additional collapse in the financial market. Hopefully it won’t be long.

To take advantage of this discount, upgrade to WinPatrol PLUS at

Use coupon code “Vote2008” for $10 off.

If you need to use our Paypal option, just include the coupon in the comments or Email us to receive a $10 rebate refunded to your PayPal account.

Update: While it's still to be seen if the "rescue" bill was a good idea, it was signed into law today. The Vote2008 coupon will expire tonight at midnight.  I'm pleased to welcome 24 new WinPatrol PLUS members who took advantage of this offer.

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