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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Windows 7 Certified and Free Win7 Upgrades

Earlier this week I described an ideal scenario where Windows 7 was ready for release this summer. While a few made fun of one of my spelling errors I only had one person who asked if I really thought it could happen.

The same day I posted my thoughts I also read some insight from our good friend Harry McCracken who wrote “Windows 7 to ship in October, Probably unless it’s January”  Seattle Times is reporting “OEM Exec says Windows 7, September, October

So what do I really think? I need to tell you today because tomorrow I’ll be participating in a four day Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Summit which includes a strict Non-Disclosure agreement.  That means, most of what Microsoft tells me I can’t share with my readers.

Certified for Windows 7

I agree with Harry and the Seattle Times that we’ll start to see Windows 7 machines in October ready for the holiday shopping season. Still, Microsoft won’t want students purchasing Macs when they go back to school so you can bet we’ll see manufacturers offering, “Free Upgrade to Windows 7” after purchase.   While I shudder at the thought there will also be machines that are “Windows 7 Certified” for the back to school shoppers. I don’t expect it to be the same fiasco that occured with the Vista Certified machines but we’ll see.


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Blogger Mike said...

Well, I heard on the jungle drums that any Vista OEM full copy (not upgrade) purchased after July 1 will be entitled to a Win 7 upgrade upon release.
I heard the release date would be September 1 -- but this was a month ago on one of the reputable blog sites and I wouldn't be surprised to see that squeezed back to Aug 1 just to catch the Fall school start dates.

I know you are under NDA Bill, but perhaps you can refute my comments if I'm wrong....

2:25 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...


I really don't believe the release dates are set in stone at this time. OEM's are claiming that Microsoft is hoping to have it in their hands in time for the Christmas shopping season. An exact date isn't realistic at this time.

I noticed today there are already a few articles out on how Windows 7 will save the computer industry and even one about how it will save the economy. While these are just headlines trying to grab your attention there is no doubt the PC manufacturers need a win this year.


8:39 AM  

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