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Monday, March 02, 2009

Live from the Microsoft MVP Summit

My view from the Hyatt in downtown Seattle
My morning photo from the Grand Hyatt in downtown Seattle

This week I’ve having the distinct privilege to meet with a number of my fellow compatriots in the world of consumer security. We’re here in Seattle to meet with Microsoft and be briefed on their plans for keeping customers safe in the future. It’s called the Microsoft MVP Summit and open to a select few who Microsoft has designated as Most Valuable Professionals.

There are almost 1500 MVP’s here in town for the event but last night I had chance to meet and get to know those of us here with a particular interest in consumer security. These are folks who aren’t in it for the money or fame.  They’re the ones who have spent countless hours pouring over Hijack logs and listening to frustrated users with the goal of just wanting to help. They’re unique people who investigate and follow all the malware attacks and warn users about rogue AntiSpyware downloads. These are the good guys who don’t think of each other as competition and I’m honored to call them friends.

Most of what I hear from Microsoft I won’t be able to repeat although the knowledge I absorb will certainly add to my overall tech intuition. I can tell you Microsoft is good at getting folks excited and the ultimate winners this week will be the Windows customer.

Five things every Windows beta tester should know
I was very happy to read today that ZDNet columnist and author Ed Bott has commented on my last blog post.  Ed agreed that the concept of beta testing isn’t what it used to be. I have noticed since I complained about the lack of feedback in my WinPatrol 2009 beta, bug reports and comments have increased. Sorry if I over stated the problem but I do welcome your opinions even when I’m not beta testing.

You can read what Ed says about me and about beta testers at

Another view from my hotel.  Waking up to a rainbow seemed like a good sign of things to come
Nothing like waking up to a rainbow when you’re in the Emerald City

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would have commented on bugs and beta issues on your last post, but I could not find a single issue. Of course, I keep a very clean OS and scrub all tracks and issues everyday.

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