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Monday, December 06, 2010

New Facebook Design Makes You Share More

Even Mark Zuckenberg admitted on CBS 60 Minutes the new Facebook homepage is designed to get you to share more information.  He should be very happy today because it’s working like a charm.  I’ve seen updates that show most of my friends have been adding details of their personal and profession life.

Here’s an example of what my new home page looks like when “I” go to it.newfacebook
This is what I see on my Facebook homepage

You’ll notice there are two items which appear to be missing information. Facebook put it right on top and makes it easy to just click and update my work and current city.  My instinct like most people is to click and update this information so my friends can see it.

But guess what?  If I look at my home page with a different account it doesn’t look like I’m missing information.

This is what friends see on my Facebook homepage

When viewed by my friends only the information I want to display will appear. It doesn’t make me look like I’m not cooperating. The changes in Facebook are designed to entice you to share more information.  Everywhere on the page you’ll find “Edit” links encouraging you to add more information.

You’ll also notice the photos of me are different. There is no way to edit the photo bar to pick which ones appear.  Facebook really needs to add this feature.

If you’re shy and you don’t like the photo bar there is one option. Go to the Facebook Privacy settings and click on Custom Settings.  Scroll down to “Photos and Video’s I’m tagged in” and click Edit Settings.  You can set this option to “Only Me” and that will do the trick. Unfortunately, it removes the photo bar and also removed the photos from your regular photo album as well.


If you’re going to use Facebook remember, you control what information you share.   At least if everything works as advertised that’s true. Zuckenberg also fosters an environment where developers race a clock to get things done. That really doesn’t give me a lot of faith in his promise to protect my privacy.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"There is no way to edit the photo bar to pick which ones appear."

Yes, there is. Unfortunately I removed all of mine and the entire photo area vanished as a result, and I can't quite remember how I did it. I believe it was just a matter of hovering over the image and clicking an X that appeared though.

3:51 PM  

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