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Monday, February 14, 2011

Time to Install WinPatrol 2011

The last new version of WinPatrol was release in early November, 2010 just before Scotty’s 11th birthday. This week I’m happy to announce to release the new and improved WinPatrol 2011.
Scotty even has a new 2011 look

As more computers are sold with the 64 bit version of Window we've worked hard to keep up and make sure Scotty doesn't lag behind the technology. We found some quirks on 64 bit systems but thanks to support from our friends at Microsoft and other security vendors we’ve created version that runs faster than ever on 64 bit systems.

      • Active Tasks
        You'll notice more information available on our list of Active Tasks. Sorting on the module ID you’ll be able to see which DLL files are used by running tasks.

        You'll find two new columns and on newer versions of Windows with additional information.  Over the years this has been a popular request and will continue to add information which is useful to all users. Active Tasks is usually the first place you'll check to remove any unwanted programs from reappearing so the more information the better.

        Zero-Day Alerts
        WinPatrol 2011 responds far better to repeating alerts from unknown sources. These infiltrations can happen to anyone just having a vulnerable application on their computer. Files which are repeating alerts are also tracked to provide quicker creation of PLUS Info for new threats.

        Delayed Start
        Delayed Start has proven to be more popular than we ever expected. This version fixed on 64 bit systems when moving programs from the Startup Programs list to Delayed Start.

        Display bug fixed when changing startup status. Fixed bug in 64 bit Windows when displaying non-Microsoft Services.

        Corrected Internet error message when trying to activate PLUS features. We obviously want to make it as easy as possible to upgrade from the Free Edition to WinPatrol PLUS.  We continue to make it a great deal even for folks short on cash and the future of WinPatrol really depends on continued support from our PLUS members.

      Thanks to all our supporters who have been it possible to continue the development of WinPatrol. The economy sucks for everyone but I still believe our WinPatrol PLUS offer can’t be beat.

      Special thanks to Microsoft for their 64 bit support assistance and to folks who submitted detailed bug reports including screens shots of any problems they experienced.


    Download here

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Blogger Corrine said...

Every time I think WinPatrol can't get any better, you come up with another improvement or addition!

Illustration of Active Tasks change at Security Garden: WinPatrol 2011.

2:51 PM  
Anonymous Max_Payne (TWC) said...

First of all, compliments for your x64 improvements.

Some considerations:

1)'First detected' column sorting in 'Startup options' tab doesn't work. Dates are simply mixed for me, without a specific order.
2) The 'First detected' column sorting isn't remembered if I switch from one tab to another tab.
Is this behavior by design?
3) Every time that I uninstall old version to install a new Winpatrol version, it appears on the screen a window message requiring me to set 'Enableinstallerdetection' value to 0 or not. I choice every time to set the value to 0 but I don't understand why WP acts in this way.

Best regards.


6:46 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Winpatrol 2011 20.0.2011.0 Conflicts with Comodo Internet Security 5.3.181415. I verified this on multiple customer computers and resolved the problem by rolling Winpatrol back to 19.3.2010.5. I love WP and hope the issue is resolved soon. The constant checks even when WP was disabled from checking startup CFP.EXE. This eventualy causes system to freeze and require a force shut down. The Sytem OS W7 SP1, all versions.

I have posted this note in Comodo & Winpatrol Forums.

9:04 PM  

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