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Saturday, July 09, 2011

WinPatrol PLUS Half Price Special

Usually I try to find a special occasion for a WinPatrol PLUS sale but I can tell from recent activity the economy is rough on everyone. For the next two days I’m offering our lifetime upgrade to the newest WinPatrol PLUS for only $14.95 USD or half price our regular price.

Our WinPatrol PLUS Super Family Pack is also discounted $15.00.  You can upgrade your entire family for $34.95 USD.

This discount is also available to our international users. Given the US Dollar conversion to the Euro this is a real bargain to non-US orders. At this price it’s not even worth using a keygen or pirated version of WinPatrol PLUS.

So, if you’ve been considering WinPatrol PLUS the time is now!


BillP Studios is a company you can trust. We’ve been working on WinPatrol for over a decade. How many companies do you deal with who give you a real physical address?

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