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Monday, August 22, 2011

WinPatrol PLUS available for $9.99 while CNET Annoys Users

Over the years I’ve provided special upgrades to veterans, unemployed and even did a one day experiment selling WinPatrol PLUS at 99 cents. Ultimately, I’ve tried to come up with a fair price that would allow the most upgrades as possible. I’ve tried various prices but the experts tell me WinPatrol PLUS is worth far more than its $29.95 regular price.

This week we’re offering another exceptional sale so nobody has a good reason not to upgrade to WinPatrol PLUS.  In some respect it’s another experiment to see what folks are willing to spend. If you have an illegal version of WinPatrol PLUS now is the time to upgrade for life. Stats show we have a lot of free users so here is your chance.

Results of our economy

One of the truths is that this special is also meant to prevent layoffs.  The economy is hurting everyone and BillP Studios isn’t alone. Resisting the temptation to include a free security toolbar and other 3rd party “enhancements” could have made a difference but is still something we’ll never do.

I was sad to see even our friends at cnet have added a Download Manager that you must download if you want WinPatrol from  While the download manager is suppose to add a new layer of security, it’s obviously meant to add a new layer of revenue for cnet

I am impressed that at least they’ve made what is sure to be unwanted changes an "Opt-In” check box. This is a rare move and I’m glad at least someone at CNET spoke up loud enough to save some reputation. If a user checks this box they won’t be happy.

CNET has always been a friend to WinPatrol and I hope that relationship can continue.  When new versions of WinPatrol become available the folks at CNET will often have it available within 24 hours.  Meanwhile, you can always download the newest version of WinPatrol directly from with no download manager or other added programs.

As I started to say if you haven’t downloaded WinPatrol do it now and click here to upgrade to WinPatrol PLUS for less than ten dollars.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have to say Bill... Your a class act that IS hard to follow

6:08 PM  
Anonymous turtledove said...

Thank you Bill P and Scotty, for all you do. that is a great price offer! And standing firm about No Added toolbars etc.
Best Regards :)

4:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill, I want to thank you tremendously for your wonderful product which I make sure that I install on every PC I own or administer.

I wanted to let you know that the new price point is a great offering for PLUS. However, I tend to believe that you may get even more purchases if you had a 'Product Comparison' on your site. A section which specifically details the differences between basic and PLUS versions and explain how PLUS is worthwhile to invest in.

Thanks for listening and keep up the awesome work in making the internet and my computer a safer and more secure device. All of us using your WinPatrol product are in your debt.

10:50 PM  

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