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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

WinPatrol Update 24.1 – Delayed Start

The end of last year I was pleased to provide an update to our WinPatrol patrol.  This long awaited update was WinPatrol 2012 version 24.0. I’m sure it’s no surprise if I tell you that software updates can sometimes introduce new problems.

I’ve been known to tell readers it’s best to wait 7-10 days even before accepting updates to Windows. Occasionally, I’ll post an exception to security updates but only if there is a real danger. My advice for WinPatrol updates is the same as any software.  If never hurts to wait.

Some WinPatrol users have reported problems with our Delayed Start function.  Given the popularity of this feature it was given immediate attention and has been fixed in our current release along with a few minor issues.

Delayed Start is a feature that separates WinPatrol from other popular security and utility programs. It follows one of WinPatrol’s primary goals to “Start the computer as quickly as possible”.

Using WinPatrol’s Delayed Start lets you hold off launching programs you may want running in the background but they aren’t needed immediately. That allows Windows to load quicker and make it possible for important tasks like Internet connecting to be available when you really need them.

Moving a Startup program to the Delayed Start is easy. Just select a program or multiple programs on Windows Auto Startup list and right-click for the move to Delayed Start menu item.

Once an item is on the Delayed Start list you can change multiple custom launch options including how long to wait before a program is launched.


If you haven’t used the Delay Startup function it may be a great time to check it out.  Either way I recommend installing the newest version of WinPatrol 2012.    Click to Update to WinPatrol 2012 version 24.1

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