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Sunday, March 25, 2012

New WinPatrol 24.5 FREE & PLUS

Due to a severe family illness there was a six month span last year without any updates to WinPatrol.  I’m very happy to report things have turned around this year and every month I’ve been able to release a new improved version of WinPatrol.

Thanks to patience and support from both free and PLUS users I’ve stomped out a few bugs in our last build. I’m also grateful to some engineers at Microsoft I met at a recent Most Valuable Professional summit in Redmond. They offered tips that would help make sure Scotty kept running smoothly.

You can read more and download WinPatrol 24.5 on our upgrade page
Just install the new setup directly over your current version in the default folder. If you’re already a WinPatrol PLUS your name/code should be detected and automatically activated.

Even with major changes to Windows I’ll continue to improve WinPatrol and make it a first install program. I’ve even made some long needed changes to our Task Catcher program. Stay tuned this weekend for a low cost special that will introduce many to Task Catcher.lady128

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