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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Experimental Sale to aid Task Catcher Development

For one day only, April 2nd 2012, I’ll be experimenting again with a price anyone can afford for great software that runs on their Windows based computers. Unlike my WinPatrol program, Task Catcher isn’t for everyone but those who use it, love and depend on it on a daily basis. Instead of $12.95, act quickly and you’ll own Task Catcher for only $1.99.

Task Catcher allows you to efficiently monitor programs running on your computer without slowing you down or hogging all your memory. Like WinPatrol it’s so tiny you'll never know Task Catcher is even running. Task Catcher will block unwanted programs from running but even better it will restart your favorite programs if they are disabled or crash. As always, my goal is to put YOU back in control of your computer.

Task Catcher 1.4 will keep these programs running.

#1 Feature: Verify your favorite critical programs are running
This has always been the primary use of Task Catcher. Our long time users say they have programs that are critical to have running at all times.
Task Catcher will keep an eye on important tasks you always want running on your system. Our feline friend won't allow Spyware to shutdown your protection.

If you want to know what Task Catcher does, this is it. If your server has been known to crash or you worry malware will shut down your security software, the little known Task Catcher provides a solution.

Let Task Catcher know which programs you depend on and it will make sure that your program is always running. If Task Catcher doesn't see your "Watched" program, it will automatically restart it for you. Some other features may not work on 64 bit systems.

Download Task Catcher & Activate for $1.99


For under 2 bucks you can't go wrong. Your investment will pay off today and give you a free update to Task Catcher 2.0. While I had hoped to release Task Catcher 2.0 as early as this week proceeds of this sale will go towards the development of a great new feature so if you're already a fan be sure and tell your friends.

track1Task Catcher 2.0 tracks how often programs of choice are used.

Current WinPatrol PLUS members can access our online database using Task Catcher the same way they can with WinPatrol.

Update: This sale is over but keep reading Bits for Bill for new of future special offers.

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Blogger Pumphouse said...

I purchased TC a long time ago and more or less forgot about it. In fact, I 'forgot' to bring it forward to my latest PC box.

I think it would help us "get it" if you were to comment on the value add. This posting was an eye opener -- TC will help me ensure that things like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware continues to run even if it crashes (or is crashed). Bingo!

So 199 cents is a small price to pay. I hope more coverage of 64 bit machines and OS is in the works as that seems to be all you can buy new nowadays.

11:30 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Would like to know status of Taskcatcher and ho your transfer of Winpatrol impacts it?

I also would like to understand it's relevance in todays's OS enviornment and whether I should continue it's use..

Thank you

Edward J Cox

2:56 PM  

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