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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Give your Readers “Back to School” 30% Bonus

I’ve been honored over many years to have the support of forum leaders, bloggers and even well known tech celebrities. While it’s common to share revenue with folks who mention your product most of our friends are happy to spread the word to make their readers safe. They know it’s a good recommendation that won’t create only positive responses.

There’s no better time to install WinPatrol PLUS or other protection than when you’ve purchased a new computer or have sent your child off to school with the laptop you’ve already broken in. So it’s natural that I wanted to provide our favorite authors with a way to reward their loyal readers before school starts.


For the last two weeks of August 2012 I’ve created a number discount coupons that will be provided to websites who have recommended WinPatrol. Some will go to blogs, forums, news sites, Facebook pages or even popular tweeters. The coupon provides a 30% discount on both the single $29.95 WinPatrol PLUS license or $49.95 Family Pack

If you have an audience and would like to promote a WinPatrol PLUS “Back to School” special send a note to We’ll create a unique 30% off coupon you can give to your readers for their participation.

WinPatrol continues to set an example of a program that doesn’t pressure anyone into upgrading or trick them into installing unwanted toolbar. I’m looking for sincere supporters of WinPatrol who recognize how helpful PLUS will be to their readers.

Using a Coupon
For a credit card purchase after clicking the Order button users will see a checkout screen with the current price.  After they enter a coupon and click Apply, the price will be reduced by 30%.  Shipping information isn’t required.  U.S. customers are asked for their zip code because NYer’s will be charged sales tax.

Credit Card Orders

For PayPal orders, entering a coupon will take users directly to PayPal with the appropriate discount. At the end of their order they’ll create a PLUS code and will receive instructions on how to immediately activate their WinPatrol PLUS features.


PayPal Order on our main screen

Alternate Order Screen

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