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Friday, March 07, 2014

March Madness for Windows XP

Note: This sale is now over.  Thank you for your support.

About once a year I have a special sale that most people think is crazy and I swear I’ll never do it again. This month I have a good reason to try to have more people protected by WinPatrol.

For long weekend I’m making a one system lifetime upgrade license to WinPatrol PLUS available for $2.00. Our full family pack lifetime license normally $49.95 can also be purchased for $10.00.  Sale ends Monday night at midnight EST.

This month our stats show that 17% of visitors to are still using Windows XP. I’ve heard from many people who will not or can not upgrade at this time. Even this summer I suspect our XP visitors will still exceed 10%.

On April 8th, 2014 Microsoft will end their full support for Windows XP. Many people may say, “I never contact Microsoft for support”, they don’t realize how many security holes are discovered every week and how quickly they get patched by Microsoft via their auto updates. If not for this behind-the-scenes support you’d be vulnerable to attack just by being connected to a network.

Let me be clear, WinPatrol is not a complete solution to the security dangers coming to Windows XP. It’s an inexpensive, safe way to know if you have been attacked and will help fight off most attacks. I still recommend upgrading to a newer version of Windows but I realize it’s not an option for everyone.

The graph below shows activity on the WinPatrol web site by Windows XP users.  Even with warnings from Microsoft there hasn’t been a significant change since January 1st.


Over the last month we’ve seen an increase in adoption of Windows 8.x but it’s not coming from Windows XP users.

If you want more information about upgrading from Microsoft or what it means to you: Click Here. If you can’t upgrade by April 8th you’ll want a little more protection by upgrading to WinPatrol PLUS now at

We’re committed to our XP users and while WinPatrol will take advantage of new Windows 8 Welcomexpfeatures, we’ll still provide our traditional quality programming for Windows XP users.
I’ve been a fan of Windows XP since attending the New York City launch in 2001.

Windows XP Launch Badge
September 24, 2001

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Blogger Dave1949 said...

Go for it! I took up a special offer last year (I think it was via "Terry's Computer Tips") for a family licence and reckon it was money well spent. I've used the free version for years and to have a life-time licence with on-going updates is so unlike some other developers I could mention who seem to try and money-grab at the slightest opportunity. Bill seems to have integrity in spades.

2:30 PM  

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