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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Have you been visiting illegal web sites?

Has your Email box recently received notices from the FBI or CIA? Did they detect your IP address(1) as one visiting "illegal web sites"?

 Hopefully, you'll immediately realize that these recent Emails are bogus and are attempts at tricking you into clicking on things you shouldn't click. Behind these Emails is the newest variation of something called the Sober worm which will infect your computer and Email itself to other Email addresses it finds on your system.

Rule #101: Don't trust what is says in the "From:" portion of your Email. This can be faked as easily as a return address on an envelope. Don't always trust Email that appears to come from Ebay, PayPal, your financial institution or the FBI.

Rule #102: Don't click on a link in your Email. We all do it, but you should know that any link in your Email can also be faked so even if it says, it doesn't necessarily take you to the WinPatrol web site. The underlying code could take you anywhere. Instead, copy the link and paste it into your browser. Even then look at the full URL and only do this if you recognize everything in the address as a properly formatted URL.

(1)IP Address is a number which is unique to your computer that allows it to communicate. A typical IP address will have four sets of numbers like

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really apreciatte your comment about ilegal site..and warning us about this bogus notice
I was wonder about it because I dont navigate to much .I suddenly I
got a message exactly like that..
Was a little bit scary in the begining..After a few second a realize that can be good becuse I do not visit any ilegal place..I did not open the mail .
Realmente aprecio su comentario sobre la advertencia y amenza de haber visitado un sitio ilegal.Recibe uan noticia de esas
y despues de unso segundos realice que yo no habia visitado ningun sitio ilegal y que probablemte se trataba de esos abusos de correo.
gracias otra vez..

5:46 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

There is good news...
According to Reuters...

An alleged child porn offender in Germany turned himself in to the police after mistaking an e-mail he received from a computer worm for an official warning that he was under investigation, authorities said on Tuesday.

It just goes to show that computer worms aren't always destructive," said a spokesman for police in the western city of Paderborn. "Here it helped us to uncover a crime which would otherwise probably have gone undetected."

The 20-year-old was duped by a version of the "Sober" worm, a prolific Internet virus that can invade computers and then send out messages from a host of fabricated addresses.

11:09 AM  

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