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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

First Person Plural

Here’s one to watch. 
A new technology is about to be introduced to gamers and target them with ads based on their age, location and interests.  Montreal’s First Person Plural has created a 3–D racing game called “Human Limit” to show their “Witness” technology and will offer a million dollar grand prize in hopes to entice gamers and advertisers.
Press Release: Click Here

Working with FPP, advertisers are able to develop advergames or websites that use Witness to build a detailed demographic profile on individual users, allowing them to send specific marketing messages to a chosen demographic, collecting consumer intelligence throughout the process.

More information available at GameDaily Biz: Click Here

In the UK, First Person Plural is an Association for Dissociative Survivors of Abuse and Trauma. Sounds like a fitting name for an adware company.

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Anonymous Kelly said...

Hi Bill,

My name is Kelly and I work at First Person Plural. I came across your Blog about us and wanted to touch base. You can email me at

Hope to speak to you soon, Kelly

9:51 AM  

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