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Friday, March 23, 2007

Stalker Records Ex-Wifes Wi-Fi Conversation

Last year I wrote “The most damaging Spyware” after meeting Cindy Southworth from the National Network to End Domestic Violence(NNEDV).  Cindy had some compelling examples of how publicly available snopeware was used to spy on ex-spouses, girl friends and other unsuspecting victims.

A recently divorced Schenectady man was arraigned yesterday for one felony count of eavesdropping and a misdemeanor count of stalking. In this case, he didn’t use a keylogger Trojan sent via an eGreeting,  he just monitored unsecured wireless signals from her computer network.

“He is accused of using a computer program to intercept his estranged wife’s instant messages between her and her son, prosecutor Jessica Lorusso said. “

He then (allegedly) created a sexually explicit Blog in her name and E-mailed the link to five of the doctors she worked for. As a result, the victim was fired from her job. Her husband had previously been arrested in April 2006 on misdemeanor charges of stalking and stealing wireless Internet signals. 

Just today reading Donna’s SercurityFlash I found an article about new paint that will block your neighbors from intercepting your Wi-Fi traffic.

When you visit Donna’s or any of the many security forums you’ll notice there’s a passion that all their dedicated volunteers share regarding Internet security. We’re not in it just because pop-up ads are annoying or someone is hijacking our browser. Computer users everywhere are being violated. It’s all a matter of degree, but computer violations aren’t much different then having a stranger physically in your home.

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