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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Your family member has sent you an ecard

This is actually an old one but for some reason I’ve seen a real surge in someone trying to get me to either download a file called Postcard.exe or visit their website to view a “postcard you’ve received from a family member!”.

Post Card

.I think we’ve taught most people not to download exe’s and Email filters won’t allow downloadable executables. Unfortunately, people still can’t help themselves to click on potentially dangerous sites.

What if someone really did send me a postcard?” you say? IT’s NOT WORTH THE RISK! This kind of social engineering continues to be the most common source of malware infections. This new postcard threat even targets what ever AntiVirus program you’re using and tries to disable it.

The current rash of Emails appear to be from China because the domain names are all located in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, I can’t blame the communists for this one. It’s most likely some former communists. So far I have traced the criminals to Germany but I’m sure I have a few more hops to go before I find out where they really originate.

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