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Friday, January 25, 2008

WinPatrol 14 Enhances Keylogging Detection

I recently wrote about a local man who was jailed for felony eavesdropping after admitting he stalked his ex-wife using a key logger program. The more I researched this case and heard about others, the more enraged I became. Luckily, there is a way I can help.

While WinPatrol has always detected keylogging programs, only our PLUS version fully supported their identification and removal. Keyloggers typically hide in locations which are unknown to most startup managers like msconfig.exe. These secret locations used to be one of the features used to encourage users to upgrade to WinPatrol PLUS. It’s obvious to me that detection of keylogging software is too important to be a premium feature. The free version of WinPatrol 14.0 will now provide full support for the identification and removal of keylogging software.

This used to only be available to PLUS members

In the process of testing the new version, I downloaded known keyloggers and was amused at their warnings.

Spector Warning

Web Watcher  warning

I’m sure there are legitimate reasons why someone would need a keylogger program but when I read the agreements above I want to barf. When the obvious reasons these programs are used are to spy on someone without their knowledge, these agreements are pitiful. Are they suppose to free the vendor of any liability when their program is used for felony eavesdropping?

Some of these programs are built on excellent technology and this software category is well established. Many will argue that parents may need keyloggers to monitor children but I strongly recommend parents take other approaches. Visit Homeland Security’s “National Cyber Alert System” and you’ll see I’m not alone.

I’m not going to take on the whole industry but I can help folks adhere to their agreement. If someone has a keylogger on their system, our newest WinPatrol will detect it and help them remove it. For information on other new features and to download 14.0 go to

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

congratulations bill on your continuing excellent work on're a credit to the anti malware industry.

3:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not about key logging, but about
W.P.version 12 and 14 are blocked by
'Vista Premium' and so are others like 'Mass Downloader' and 'DUMETER'
Thus I must start them manually
from 'Quick Lauch'. I don't mind
starting the latter two manually
but I think W.P. should go before
other programs. My apologies for writing on your block. Can you tell me if there is an official forum for WinPatrol?



4:20 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hi bx,

Sorry to hear you're experiencing a problem. The blocking is an option in Windows Defender which I don't have in front of me, but I know there's a way around it so Vista will still auto run winpatrol.exe.

We have a presence in a number of forums where people discuss WinPatrol but the quickest way to get help is support at You'll get a personal response as soon as I get to your mail.


4:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I installed and am using a "keylogger" program on my husband's notebook. He knew when I installed it and each time I update the program. He knows I get scheduled email reports about his computer usage. I have good reason for doing this and he's well aware of my reason. He also knows it's the only way he can have a computer to access the internet. I'm sure he would rather I not monitor his online experiences but he agrees that, for now, it needs to be done. I told him it would be on his computer for 5 years. That should be enough time to break him of his addiction. Especially since he can no longer use the public library's computers (they got very strict about usage and have installed programs of their own) for his addiction. I see nothing wrong with this type of program. In some instances, it is absolutely necessary. My husband did not like his alternative and chose this method of dealing with his problem. As for monitoring internet usage by minors, I see nothing wrong with that either. There is too much temptation for sex and violence on the internet with such easy access by anyone. Until these "children" are out on their own and paying their own way, Mom and Dad should be aware of all that goes on while the "children" are on the internet. It's their responsibility to know. Trust has nothing to do with it. Peer pressure will override trust anytime in a teenager's life.

1:41 AM  
Anonymous Brian said...

Anonymous you scary person!! :-D

10:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ Brian

With great respect, Brian, you've not been married to a man with a gambling addiction which leaves his wife and children homeless and hungry.

I have. Sadly, I didn't have the option of control/monitoring my husband as the lady above does via keylogging.

I divorced my husband and was able to make a very good life for us without his constant destructive behavior impacting so much.(Penniless and in great debt, my ex-husband went back to living with his parents. He still gambles. My now grown up kids say he's waiting for his parents to die so he can inherit their hard-earned wealth...).

Whilst I don't advocate spying on any one for the sake of it, there are some very good reasons to monitor and control some people's behavior - such as the sicknesses I and the other Anonymous lady refer to.

What's extremely scary is the sickness and not the positive - and creative - use to which the lady is putting a keylogger.

Another Anonymous lady

5:02 AM  

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