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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Good Public Relations Can Really Work

Most people use the free version of WinPatrol so I have never invested any funds in advertising or public relations. Any revenue from upgrades to WinPatrol PLUS typically goes directly back into research and development.

I thought with the release of WinPatrol 2009 I’d try an experiment. I sought help from Public Relations professional Marie Domingo (@MarieADomingo) and I wasn’t sorry. Marie knew about WinPatrol and understood that Scotty the Windows Watchdog wasn’t getting the attention he deserved.

I’ve been pleased seeing myself and WinPatrol getting a lot more mentions than normal and in some serious press.

Hackers poison PCs that Google "March Madness"

"And here’s a tip: WinPatrol offers very powerful protection. It's a terrific free tool, popular with techies since it was created 10 years ago by Bill Pytlovany, one of the original designers of AOL and a longtime open-source practitioner. The premier version, called WinPatrol Plus, costs just $30 for a lifetime subscription, which includes all updates, and is designed for the average consumer. WinPatrol takes a snapshot of your Windows run registry, and from then on blocks and alerts you to any new executable program, such as a malicious backdoor, that tries to install itself on your hard drive."

- USA TODAY   03/18/2009

15 free downloads to pep up your old PC
"This freebie from BillP Studios helps you stop unnecessary programs from running on start-up, and in doing so, speeds up your PC."

"...the result is a smoother-running PC"
- Preston Gralla, PC World  03/13/2009

So, I’m happy with some mention in the press and even happier that I had over 100,000 downloads around the world last week.  While word of mouth has been good for spreading the word about WinPatrol I guess it never hurts to have some professional help.

Marie also convinced me to create a Fans of WinPatrol group on Facebook which has been a lot of fun. The Opt-In Facebook group is a great way to get out any news about WinPatrol. I’ve also enjoyed getting a little more personal with friends of Scotty the Windows Watchdog. As I post this message we’re only nine new members shy of 400.

Click to join WinPatrol on Facebook

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