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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Upgrading to Apple QuickTime Pro

I have plenty of respect and admiration of the Apple Corp but like many, I’ve been critical of some of their auto upgrade tricks. A common complaint is they don’t make it easy to remove their auto upgrade programs from your list of Startup programs.  The last complaint I wrote about was their efforts to force people to download the Safari browser when you download any other Apple product.

See: “Dear Apple, We don’t want Safari” and “Do I Really Need Apple Mobile Device Service

I don’t have a new complaint today but I did want to share something I found pretty funny. Today, I upgraded to the newest QuickTime. This is usually a good habit considering all the past security vulnerabilities.  What I found interesting was Apple’s method to encourage users to upgrade to the paid or Pro version of QuickTime

Free QuickTime Menu with Pro features disabled.

As someone who publishes a free program, I’m always looking at ways to encourage folks to upgrade to WinPatrol PLUS. I’ve really tried not to be annoying or obnoxious. Most people tell me I’ve made the free version too powerful so there’s no reason to upgrade. Apple on the other hand has plenty of features only available on the PRO QuickTime. I have no problem with Apple’s technique. I just think it looks a little desperate.

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Anonymous Jason said...

I think it's a pretty clever method. Users can see exactly what they don't get with the free version and what they would get with the premium version. What looks desperate to me is the free software with requests for donations all over the place.

12:23 AM  
Blogger Don said...

I am not bothered by the QuickTime way of indicating paid options. It is common practice to include "everything" in a free download. I do have a problem with clicking on a menu item and getting a popup telling me I need to upgrade (buy a serial number) to use the feature.

12:53 PM  
Blogger Big Geek Daddy said...

I upgraded to WinPatrol Plus simply to help support your efforts after using the Free version for years. It was a small price to pay and after I upgraded I uncovered the hidden nugget you don't prominently advertise but should:

Can I use my activation code on both my desktop and laptop?
Of course. You're the customer not your computer. You're welcome to use a single license code on any computer you personally own and use.

9:13 PM  
Blogger Richard said...

I agree with Don. I think this way of displaying the paid options is helpful. It is preferable to the method of displaying a notice that a feature is available in the paid version only after the user clicks it.

12:00 PM  
Anonymous Frank W said...

I think that this method of showing what's available and not available is both easy to understand and fair. What I'll never like is Apples constant attempt to make QuickTime and other Apple programs load a start up. Far to many companies (with Apple being the worst) do this today. It's for that reason that I use QuickTime as little as possible.
PS I feel you truly deserve Microsoft's recognition as a "Most Valued" Professional for all you've done in the computer security field. Keep up the good work Bill.

4:44 AM  
Blogger J. D. Haring said...

Here's my complaint.

Some time ago I bought Quicktime Pro 6 and very much enjoyed using the program and all it's features. Then, Automatic Updates asked me to download a Quicktime update, not Quicktime Pro, just a Quicktime update. It was only AFTER I installed the update that I was informed that installing the update rendered my Quicktime Pro inoperable and unusable unless I purchase the product...again!

Unfortunately, I thought, as is the case with nearly EVERY other program that I have purchased, that when the company offers an update and says that it is for better functionality and security, the update is free and the program I purchased will still work. The result is that I don't use the program anymore, have refused to update it anymore and refuse to be coerced into purchasing the program over and over again every time there is an update available!

I find this policy unacceptable and feel cheated.
J. D. Haring

2:48 AM  

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