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Monday, October 10, 2011

Verizon uses your Physical Address for Advertising

Verizon has announced a new service update it admits will benefit advertisers more than customers.  Obviously it’s meant to increase Verizon’s revenue.  It used to be you could get free services in return for targeted advertising. Now Verizon considers it a bonus feature to use my physical addresses for ads.

“…Verizon will soon participate in a program that will improve the ability of advertisers to reach our Verizon Online customers based on your physical address. The goal is to provide online ads that may be more relevant to you.

This program uses your address to determine whether you reside in a local area an advertiser is trying to reach.”


“This advertising program uses your physical address to help advertisers deliver ads to websites you visit while using Verizon Online. This program allows national brands and local businesses to tailor offers, coupons and incentives to your local area. Because the ads can be geographically directed, they may be more relevant to you.”

In addition to adds on Verizon websites, the following can be found in their Privacy Policy…

“…cookies may be placed and used by advertising companies to collect information about your visit to our websites and may be combined with similarinformation obtained from other websites.”

If you’re a Verizon customer I recommend reviewing their privacy policy and follow tips that allow you to opt-out of this new feature

Click below to Opt-Out

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