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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Power of WinPatrol Enterprise Now Available

Over the past year a custom version of WinPatrol has been quietly available to a handful of companies that requested a little extra support for features they needed. These features required some custom programming, support and server activity so in the past they weren’t available to all WinPatrol PLUS members.  

Due to popular demand I have standardized these features and developed an easy to use, secure interface. These features are now available to other business customers and perhaps even families with multiple computers. Even if you don’t need the subscription to WinPatrol Enterprise, the newest version(26.5.2013) is still available with a few bug fixes to current FREE & PLUS users


The main focus of WinPatrol Enterprise is to have a single WinPatrol Administrator keep watch over changes made to systems used by individual employees or family members. When a change is detected an Email will be sent to the WinPatrol Administrator. The Email will include date/time, unique ID, type of change, full filename and other useful information.

The Enterprise service requires regular maintenance so this feature is available on a subscription basis. The cost will be minimal and each subscription may be installed on up to five machines.  Each of these machines can assign a designated WinPatrol Administrator who will be notified of any alerts and/or changes made by an employee or family member.

In addition to notifications we’ve enhanced the ability to hide alerts so a user won’t have their work interrupted. Alerts can be disabled and the WinPatrol Administrator can define the default action that will take place without user input or confusion.  On the same screen it’s possible to disable the WinPatrol system tray icon so many users won’t even know WinPatrol exists. The WinPatrol Administrator will be needed only in extreme cases.


This procedure is not meant to be a way to spy on employees. Anyone who has WinPatrol Enterprise installed on their computer must be notified.
At this time, an administrator may not make changes without logging into the machine which has WinPatrol Enterprise installed. If these features were built in WinPatrol Enterprise it could be abused and I feel it’s important that WinPatrol could not be used by stalkers.  If you wonder why I’m against blind monitoring just visit my friends at the National Network to End Domestic Violence.

When an change occurs the WinPatrol Administrator will receive an Email that will look something like the following…
Alternate formats are currently being developed. This has worked in the past for our business customers but I’m open to suggestions of other useful data.

Click to Download WinPatrol Enterprise Edition.

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Blogger nafro19 said...

I'm a bit confuse with this statement:
"Even if you don’t need the subscription to WinPatrol Enterprise, the newest version(26.5.2013) is still available with a few bug fixes to current FREE & PLUS users."
Does that mean that I can use my plus code for the enterprise edition. If so, why have the regular version for download if it doesn't have the bug fix?

10:17 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Sorry for any confusion. While some bugs were addresses in the Enterprise version they don't meet the criteria that would recommend everyone download the new version.

There are two reasons why I haven't pushed this build out as a normal version. The risk of downloading and installing any new version for our entire user base is greater than the value of the bug fixes.
The other reason is a new version of our standard wpsetup.exe WinPatrol will be available soon.


9:10 PM  

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