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Sunday, April 06, 2014

Give a Gift of WinPatrol PLUS

I often receive email from long time WinPatrol users asking how they can give a lifetime PLUS upgrade to one of their friends. I feel a special bond with our loyal PLUS members. They send me kind messages saying that WinPatrol is their must-have program and the first they install on new or rebuilt computers.

Giving the gift of WinPatrol PLUS is easy and even recommended by USA TODAY when tech writer Byron Acohido suggested that “WinPatrol may be one of the best kept secrets in computer security.”
Click on the image above for the full article or click the image below to learn how to give WinPatrol PLUS to someone who could benefit from our PLUS features.

Click to go to

If your friend isn’t worth $29.95 you can also recommend our free version of WinPatrol. Installing WinPatrol is fast and easy but our free license does include one restriction. If you install WinPatrol to protect your friend they must be informed and educated on how WinPatrol works. I have received Emails and threats from folks who had WinPatrol installed by well intended friends without their knowledge.

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Blogger Randy said...

Hi Bill...
Sorry to see you go from Winpatrol,
but under the circumstances I don't
blame you. So, thank you for a wonderful product in Scotty. You have helped keep my systems clean now for many years.
And welcome to Bret. May Winpatrol
flourish under you leadership.

10:14 PM  

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