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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

AntiSpyware Zealots

It appears my last post has helped thrust my new Blog into the public eye. Most of the traffic came from a fellow "AntiSpyware Zealot" who goes by the name PaperGhost( There has been one very positive results of the controversy initiated by 180Solutions daring to take on Zone Labs. The "AntiSpyware Zealots" have united!

 Look out 180Solutions because your worse secrets are being exposed. While 180Solution claims they just can't police all their affiliates it didn't take much effort from the Zealots to find a number of despicable examples of web sites run by folks who partner with 180Solutions. See the most recent example at

Special thanks to Suzie Turner at who wrote about how we were all being called Zealots as if it was a bad thing. According to my Webster Dictionary
Zealot = "one who is fanatically earnest."
Fanatic = extreme; excessive
Earnest = 1) Serious in purpose, 2) diligent, 3) important; grave, showing sincerity.

I like the term even though the viral Adware companies make it sound like a bad thing. They accuse most of us of a personal stake in their demise. Last year I made my points very clear to the FTC in my document

I have plenty of other good programming ideas. I would love to spend my time creating new innovative positive programs. Instead, I'm spending my time sniffing out unwanted garbage left on peoples desktops without their understanding.

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