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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sunbelt acquires Eric L. Howes

When I first met Eric L. Howes participating in forums I knew immediately he had deep a passion for helping others. At that time, I was preparing a document for the Federal Trade Commission detailing my experiences fighting spyware and recommending solutions. Eric volunteered to help proof my paper and provided outstanding feedback. It wasn’t until later I found out he wasn't just some guy helping online. Turns out, he was teaching business and technical writing at the University of Illinois and already knew a thing or two about spyware.

Over the years,  Eric has spent his spare time picking apart spyware, exposing the methods used and even tracking the sources.  He has freely shared his research with AntiSpyware companies like ours and publicly on forums like  He’s most widely known for his list of Roque/Suspect Anti-Spyware Products & Web Sites as well as maintaining a list of sites for your browser to block called IE-SPYAD.

The folks at Sunbelt Software also recognized Eric passion and abilities. He has helped fine tune their Anti-Spyware approach and this week has accepted the position of Director of Malware Research.

The Good Guys
Alex Eckelberry, Ben Edelman, Dave Methvin, Wayne Porter, Eric L. Howes

Eric will now be able to spend full time fighting spyware and share his knowledge with a team of experienced researchers at Sunbelt. The good news is, Sunbelt is also very open with sharing information and helping others. Their president Alex Eckelberry,  the primary contributer to the SunbeltBlog, has set an example of public communication few executives would have the courage emulate.
I’m pleased to congratulate both Eric and our friends at Sunbelt Software.

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