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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Spyware threats continue

While all of us were updating our system with the newest Microsoft patch, reading about gadgets at CES and a new Intel based Mac’s the spyware foes were busy creating new threats for online users.

The most annoying Fakeware from last month called SpyAxe has resurfaced under the name SpywareStrike. This is another case of a bogus programs telling you that you’re infected but for $49.95 they’ll help you out.

Suzi Turner with ZDNet let me know there was a free tool devoted to the removal of this type of fakeware called SmitRem. This program is another great case of independent AntiSpyware zealots providing their time and efforts to the online community for FREE. Ilfak Guilfanov showed us how it’s done with his WMF fix and this week MVP NoahDFear has come to the rescue.  There are a lot of good people out there.

As part of their security update on Tuesday Microsoft includes more than just the WMF fix. They included an additional fix to fonts that are used on a web site. ( MS06–002 )
I haven’t heard of anyone using of this vulnerability but now that its public knowledge who knows. It’s another case of Microsoft looking at file types which could include executable code like I mentioned in my last article. 

Meanwhile, CastleCops reports a new phishing scheme that takes advantage of a vulnerability in something called XSS or Cross site Scripting.  Users may  think they’re at a Google site when in fact they’re being exploited and could be giving personal information to the bad guys.

Click on all the links and before long you’ll be an antispyware zealot too.


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