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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Microsoft Origami

Watch for the March 2nd Introduction of Origami

A number of Blog sites have beat me again with the news of the newest Microsoft device currently called Microsoft Origami. That’s what I get for sleeping in on Sundays.  Both Bink’s Watching Microsoft and SunBelt BLOG have other photos of the what appears to be a mix between a Pocket PC and Tablet PC. If you click on Design Tastes Good they have instructions to a design site which at this time still have their promotional Flash available

I’m a huge fan of my Tablet PC from Motion Computing so I’m eager to hear all the specs on Origami. I’m never expected I could use any pen interface but I’ve found there are still plenty of tasks you can complete without writing a lot of text. Microsoft has done a fantastic job in hand writing even though every time I write “you” it thinks I wrote “yin”.

It’s no accident that the timing of this announcement comes at the most vulnerable time for the Blackberry market.  Origami will however kick the BlackBerry’s ass either way. 

Origami Gaming with Origami



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