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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Origami, Exposed

As promised Microsoft has provided Bloggers with more information on Project Origami. It’s not an official product introduction.  It’s really meant to suck more Bloggers like myself into writing about it.  Robert Scoble interviewed Otto Berkes, architect/general manager of the Ultra-Mobile PC team and has posted the video on MSDN Channel 9.  Click here

I do owe an apology to Robb Donewood and other BlackBerry fans  who I annoyed by not making my point clear. My previous posts were not meant to compare the features of the BlackBerry against those expected to be included in Origami.  

The point I hoped to express was that Microsoft was in fact targeting the BlackBerry user base with this unique introduction/leak.  Recent events with the BlackBerry patent issues has certainly made some BlackBerry users pause and wonder about the future.  Was Microsoft exploiting this concern?  As Robb points out in his blog yesterday, MSN Money has an article called “RIM’s outlook is grim”. 
RIM = “Research in Motion” makers of BlackBerry

The New York Times recently ran an article about the Wal*Mart using Bloggers to carry out a PR campaign. There’s a good summary of this by Brook Schaaf on ReveNews. I’m not sure I see a difference between this and what Microsoft is currently doing with Origami.

The Origami viral marketing campaign is now detailed by its creator Dustin Hubbard on his Blog.

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