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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

UnSpyPC identified as "Badware"

The consumer watchdog group has released  new reports today and has certified four more applications as "Badware". (More Info)

Their press release caught my eye this morning because of an application called UnSpyPC.  I had never heard of this program but apparently it identifies WinPatrol program as spyware and encourages users to remove it.

According to

… “UnSpyPC," is an application that incorporates a non-standard hard drive scan upon installation and also identifies legitimate software, such as VMWare, WinPatrol, and Windows Defender as spyware. It also adds an UnSpyPC icon to Internet Explorer without notification.

Other newly certified “Badware” includes “Winfixer”, “Funcade” and “Jessica Simpson Screensaver”. They join the Hall of Fame which currently includes “Kazaa”, “Mediapipe”, “Waterfalls 3”, and SpyAxe”.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It also adds an UnSpyPC icon to Internet Explorer without notification."

Does this mean "without notification" that Winpatrol won't catch the IE add on? Somewhat confused.


1:45 PM  

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