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Thursday, May 18, 2006

iPod more popular than Iraq

I found a great tip from Alex Eckelberry on this Sunbelt Blog.  He turned me on to a fun tool from Google Labs called the Google Trends.(More Info) This is a great way to view how often a particular search term is typed into Google.
I've been playing for days, entering in all sorts of terms.  Naturally, I checked out how WinPatrol searches have been and could even compare my searches against another program which has often been compared to Scotty the Windows Watchdog.
 WinPatrol versus other program
It looks like it’s time I spark some more interest in our WinPatrol program!
Google admits this tool is still in its early stages. There’s no way to know if the portion of their searches used by this tool meets a statistical critical mass to use for business plans.  I did notice a great trend in searches for “Kerio” so Sunbelt obviously knew they had a winner when they acquired the popular personal firewall.(More Info)
Still, it can provide hours of fun and give you a lot to think about.
You can see what terms have become popular like my comparison of searches for Iraq vs iPod below.
Iraq vs. iPod
Or, how much interest there is in say, Firefox vs. Netscape.
Netscape vs Firefox

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Blogger Unknown said...

I just did a comparison of various spellings of Katharine McPhee versus Taylor Hicks. While I think Elliott's fan base will go to Katharine, Google Trends seems to point to Taylor as being a favorite.

Do I need a life or what!

3:32 PM  

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