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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Being a tourist in DC

I’ve been busy traveling and preparing for the launch of WinPatrol 10 so I’ve let my Blog go many more days then I’ve planned.  If you click on the Blogs I read below you’ll see the bad guys have been busy.

Our friends at CastleCops have been threatened by a unscrupulous “patent troll” named Leo Stoller. ( More Info )

Suzi Turner reports on a new Bogus Adware Removal program called Adware Finder ( More Info )

Alex at Sunbelt has the scoop on an ultra-stealth rootkit already for Windows Vista 64 ( More Info )

And while Microsoft has updated some of the rude features of WGA( Windows Genuine Advantage) they encourage users to get the most recent updates.  Unfortunately, there are plenty of code samples available on how to take advantage of the latest Windows and Office vulnerabilities. ( More Info )

Meanwhile, traveling in our nations capital I found technology at its finest.  If you can pass security and  know the right place to go you can get your photo taken with our current President.

Chris and George

The photos below are of  Erica, Chris and my grand daughter Marisa.

Waiting to go into the White House                Big Red One   
Erica, Chris and Marisa                Marisa and the Reflecting Pool

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