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Sunday, June 04, 2006

CTXE Stock Spam

Some spam seems to come in spurts.  Like everyone I get the plenty of offers for Hoodia along with the normal amount of misspelled variations of Valium,Viagra and Cialas .  Last week, it seems the number of stock offers has been 50% of my spam.
A typical example looks like…
Successful sstock recommendation for winning players
Lasst sseveral daays this stock was faalling down  and it is time to bbuy now, because it is ggoing to exploode on Friday. It is uunderestimated greatly. You see the Volumee is increasiing,, that means investors bbuy cheeap stockk.
Some folks still think spammers are just stupid and can't spell. The sloppy spelling is a attempt to get past your spam filters
I often wondered if it was possible to take advantage of the spammer and do a quick buy and sell. That way if I was quick enough I could ride the quick peak in this obvious stock manipulation scheme. My gut feeling is "don't be a fool” so I never bothered to try it. Sunbelt's Alex Eckelberry is a smart guy and has posted a good collection of analysis which had already been done.
So, if you've ever had a similar thought go with your gut too. Spam is spam is spam. It’s meant to be ignored and deleted.

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