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Friday, January 26, 2007

WinPatrol in the Saipan Tribune

I’ve often reminded readers to think about how small the world has become and that it’s time to think global. Today I had the treat of discovering that WinPatrol has even been mentioned in the Saipan Tribune.

In a column called “Avoiding computer nasties”, by Ed Stephens Jr,   WinPatrol is included as one solution against problems like the recent “Storm Worm”. While  the whole Storm Worm has been blown way out of proportion, I’m happy for the mention.

“WinPatrol is a freebie favorite that I’ve been recommending for years now. The pay version is even better; it has a one time fee of $39, and its sharpest trick is explaining the lineage of those mysterious background programs that are always running on your computer. For me, it’s money well spent.”

Actually, the amount is wrong, it’s only $29.95, but I’m pleased Mr Stephens thinks we’re worth it.

It’s not uncommon for WinPatrol to be mentioned internationally, but it was a pleasure to be included in the Saipan Tribune.  My father was actually stationed in Saipan during World War II. Saipan is one of 15 tropical islands which make up the United States Commonwealth of the Northen Mariana Islands.

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