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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Trend Micro Hijack This™

I’m really surprised that I haven’t been reading more comments about this new relationship. All I can figure is all the MVP’s are out having fun in Seattle and they haven’t been online to chat about this one.

See the official page at

I’m haven’t decided yet what this all means but I’ll be writing more soon. What do you think?  Feel free to leave a comment.

Update From the author

This is not fake, I sold HijackThis to TrendMicro. Their product incorporates all changes, updates and fixes that I was planning on adding in the v1.99.2 release. I made sure of that and I hope no one will be disappointed with it.While TrendMicro does not officially support HijackThis yet, I expect they will once it goes final.

I sold HijackThis because I had been sitting on an unfinished update for over a year and I still could not make enough time to finish it. My uni classes are taking up a lot of time and I want to set my goals a bit wider than just the antispyware business (though I still love it). Sitting on an unfinished product until it becomes obsolete is not useful, so I decided to transfer the responsibility to TrendMicro (who have also taken care of my CWShredder) so they can give it proper attention and support. Where the will take HijackThis, I do not know - but I am sure they will respect its goals and what it stands for.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Bill,

There has been alot of discussion on the forums. I decided to not blog about this as I didn't feel it was right at the time. With so many discussions going on. I'd respected everyones feelings on this matter. And the original authors.

There are some interesting features on this version which I am sure you may see. Plus some areas some don't agree on. I think time will tell if this goes the same route CWShredder did once it got sold to TM or it improves with time. But with so many tools we use this day and age, we are in a better position then say if this was to happen a few years ago.


10:26 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks Andy!

I guess that means I'm not hanging out in the right forums.

I certainly respect everyones feelings and I hope that Merijn is now in a comfortable position so he can expand his realm. He deserves it and I know we'll all benefit in the end.


10:55 PM  
Blogger Corrine said...

Not all the MVPs were able to go to the Summit. :(

As Andy said, there has been a lot of discussion, but because the software is still identified as Beta (and several A/V companies are detecting it as containing a W32/Generic p2p worm), the discussions have stayed mainly behind closed doors.

I believe that I will wait until there has been a good shake down and it is out of beta before I ask users I am helping to use the TM version of HJT.

11:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Bill...

I tried to register with your e.g. Bits from Bill forum but I was at a loss on how to do this...

Is anyone able to join?

Thanks very much. Oh I just posted anonymously coz I tried to log in and for obvious reasons it didn't happen...


PS: I am a paid member of WinPatrol, if that matters...

3:56 AM  

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