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Thursday, April 19, 2007

WinPatrol 2007 Build 3

As the one who reads all the Email from folks who use WinPatrol, I see a wide variety of notes. Most of the Emails are some kind of thank you and stories of positive results. Many are suggestions or bug reports with complete details and screen shots. Occasionally, I get the really helpful single line message like “Something is wrong”.

Thanks to the folks who spent the time to let me know what they were experiencing I’ve been able to fix a couple bugs and even added a new feature. We’ve had a number of reports that programs weren’t starting and I think we’ve nailed that one down. The only more common report was why Scotty isn’t barking in Vista. I’m sorry to say that one still hasn’t been addressed even after spending 45 minutes on the phone with Microsoft Vista support. My experience with Microsoft support may become a completely separate Blog entry.

So for now here’s what’s new.

  • Added new "Open As..." option to Delay Startup program options
  • Fixed bug moving Startup Folder programs to Delayed Start.
    Programs will now start as expected.
  • NEW Setup/Uninstall program. Much smaller and prevents multiple Add/Remove entries. * See Update below
  • Fixed bug when using "Confirm Exit..." option.
  • Fixed bug adding Programs/Services to “Detected” registry when file no longer exists.

    Open AsImage

    The most dangerous change for me is probably the new Setup program. I’ve gone with a completely new setup package vendor and setup programs are notorious for being flakey. Seems like there’s always some machine that doesn’t want to be compatible which is why in the past we always had an alternate setup program available.

  • * Update: Unfortunately, too many problems have been reported with the newer smaller setup program so we've reverted back to the previous setup package. Anyone who successfully was able to use the new install won't be affected.

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