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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Just Say No to Online Drugs

It's always an education for me to travel and meet people who recognize my Scotty shirt and want to share their Spyware horror stories. My most recent encounter was with a young lady, we'll call Bridget. She said her biggest problem used to be spyware but now it's all the spam she gets.

Bridget really doesn't understand why she gets 20 Emails a day asking about enlarging her penis or save her from being bald. She also can't figure out why anyone thinks she has enough money to invest in their secret stock tip. Many even know her name or location. She does admit that some spam might be her own fault.

A year ago, Bridget decided she wanted to lose weight and Googled for information. The results came with ads for a variety of online pharmacies ready and willing to help her out. After filling in a simple health questionnaire she was able to have a prescription FedEx'd to her address.

Even though the online pharmacy she used no longer exists she says at least 15-20 Emails a day come from new companies ready to refill her prescription. Most already know what she previously ordered. At least, once a week she even gets a phone call offering the same service even though she never gave them her phone number.

It can be bad enough trusting your information with reputable companies. Once you confirm your name and address with an illegal firm, you're in big trouble.

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